Help if you're struggling

We have a number of people to help with specific pastoral needs - you can get in touch with them directly, or contact them via the church office.

Pastoral Assistant

Our pastoral assistant, Stella Murphy is a specially trained and authorised member of the church who can come alongside and support people. If you'd like to speak to Stella, please either send her an email (you can find her address on the staff pages) or call the church office who will pass your message on so we can get in touch.

Bereavement Team

If you've recently been bereaved, we can arrange a visit - please get in touch with the church office or the minister.

Prayer Ministry

This is available after every 10.30am morning service - two people will pray with anyone about any issue in strict confidence. They'll be in the side chapel behind the organ keyboard shortly after the service finishes.

Prayer Chain

A dozen people will pray for you or your situation at short notice, once again in confidence.  Please get in touch with any of the people on this page: the church office, the minister, or one of the wardens.