Frequently Asked Questions

How long do services last?

About an hour (none of them are more than 1¼ hours - if you click on the different services on the left of the page you can find out how they vary over the month).

Where can I sit?

You can sit wherever you like: there isn't any reserved seating, except for a few rows near the front for the children and young people who sit together before they leave for their own groups a little way in to the service, and occasionally a few other rows at special services.

What should I wear?

Anything you like - there's no dress code. Most people come dressed quite informally.

Will I know what to do during the service?

There are screens at the front of church with everything you'll need to take part in our worship. If you find it hard to read screens at a distance, the stewards at the back can give you a copy of the same words on paper.

Will I need to sing?

No. Our services usually include a mixture of traditional and modern songs, but it's absolutely fine just to listen in rather than singing.  (That's also true for the parts of the service we say together: you are very welcome to join us for the service without saying any of the words.)

Do I need to bring money with me?


Do I have to introduce myself to anyone?

No - if you want, you're welcome just to come along and check things out. But there are "welcomers" by the door who will introduce themselves and do their best to help you feel at home.

Do I need to give personal details?

No. However if you would like somebody to get in touch with you, there are welcome cards available on our Welcome Desk (at the back). Just fill one in, and either drop it in the offering box or give it to one of the stewards.

Are there toilet facilities?

Yes, in the entrance to the church hall next to the church.

Are there facilities for disabled?

Yes. There are wheelchairs, wheelchair ramps, a toilet for disabled, a hearing loop, large-print service sheets - if you're unsure or need assistance please ask a Welcomer or Steward at the door.