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Getting Married 

Getting married is a very special step and so it is not surprising that many people want to mark it by having a traditional Christian wedding in their local church. If you are interested in getting married and would like to find out more about what a Church of England wedding involves, then do contact our vicar David or visit the Church of England website.

If you would like to explore the possibility of getting married at St Patrick's church itself, that is wonderful. At St Patrick's you will have the chance to talk through with David the details of what the service might include (music, hymns, songs, reading). We also offer a one day marriage preparation course to help you both prepare for this new phase of your life together. It is a very relaxed day, as one couple wrote, "The marriage preparation has really given us a good base and mindset from which to tackle any obstacles that might try and impact our relationship..."

The first step if you would like a wedding as St Patrick's is to get in touch with David in order to work through what it might involve and whether it is possible.

If you're curious, the Church of England website also has the full text of the Marriage Service

Sam Lomas, 30/07/2019