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Time: 5.40pm for cafe, 6pm service
Where: Church Building
Lasts: 1 to 1¼ hours (always finishes by 7.30pm)

The Lifetime kicks off from about 5.40pm every Sunday, with coffee, cake, and good company - then the service itself runs from 6-7.15pm. We meet in the church, with the chairs arranged around tables. 

The format is informal, but with similar elements to most church services: we'll usually sing and pray together, and hear part of the Bible read and explained. Lifetime often includes some slightly more interactive elements, too: sometimes there will be an opportunity to discuss part of the evening's topic, or some more creative ways of praying or thinking through what we've looked at from the Bible.

Occasionally, we have an evening called TimeOut: this could be a guest event, or an opportunity to talk about a particular topic in a non-service format, or something entirely different. TimeOut is intentionally light on things that might be unfamiliar to people who don't often come to church - we don't sing many songs, or say a lot of words together out loud - so it's a great opportunity to visit if you haven't been to church before. 


Sam Lomas, 31/07/2019