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CentreForward: The Finishing Line 

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A message from David King: 

Whenever I walk past the building site that will eventually be the new centre, I am always struck by the incredible grace of the Lord - the way he has provided the money, smoothed out the bumps and challenges we've faced, given us such a strong team, rallied the church family and provided us with the most wonderful builders.  Praise be to God.  The building of our new centre is now well advanced and it is exciting to think of its opening in November this year.  What a witness to our community of how much Jesus means to us and what a fantastic resource for the mission that God has called us to.  After nine years, we are at last on the home straight. 

As we move towards the finishing line, I am conscious that we don't have enough money for some of the things that would help us get the very best out of the centre from day one.  These include a fully fitted kitchen, a kitchenette in the atrium, sufficient furniture, hearing loops in all the rooms, and some audio and video facilities.  The cost is just over £171,000. 

God has worked through your hearts to give generously to CentreFroward in the past.  It would be amazing if we could raise this additional sum between us. 

More information about The Finishing Line funding appeal including giving forms can be found here: