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CentreForward Project 

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Our old church hall served us well, but it was showing its age!  More than that, it didn’t provide the room and facilities that we needed to take our church to the community.  We are now in the process of building a new centre as part of our CentreForward project.  God willing, we should have the new building ready for use by October 2022.

We have created a full playlist of videos in order to help you understand more about the project.  Here is a link to the full playlist: CentreForward Videos 

Finishing Line Funding Appeal

As we approach the last stage of CentreForward, we need £171,000 to fully fit out the new centre so that we can use it to its full potential from the day it opens.  We have set out the things we need the funding for in our Finishing Line booklet.  If you can help us reach our final funding target, then details of how to give can be found in our finance booklet. 

All the information is available from the church office or at the back of the church.  Alternatively, you can see the information here by clicking on these links:

For Information: 

Giving Form                Gift Aid Declaration                Standing Order Form

Latest News 

Waterproof & ready for electricals

The building continues to be on schedule and should be finished and ready for occupation in 22 weeks’ time! It is now waterproof so work on cabling and plumbing can carry on regardless of the weather. The keen sighted will see that fascia boards and guttering are appearing around the outside of the building. The next four weeks will see the development of the link from the centre into the church, the installation of IT network cabling, roof insulation, the fitting of the ground floor windows and some partitioning. The rate of progress is astonishing and is increasing in tempo every week.
In preparation for the building of the new main entrance into the church, the lighting control system has been relocated from the prayer room to the organ loft. Construction work will begin in late June.
Although progress has been great, we still do not enough money to pay for everything we want to do! If you would like to give then you can contact  the church office or look on the church website to find out more. Thank you.

7th June CentreForward 800x400

7th June CentreForward 800x400

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Sam Lomas, 15/10/2019