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Welcome to this webpage.  Maybe you’ve landed here having attended a service or event over the Easter weekend.  If that’s you, then take some time to consider in more detail some of what you’ve already heard. 

Below you will find personal stories from Alec & Liv, each explaining how and why they decided to become a follower of Jesus (or in other words, a Christian).

You may be ready to make that decision for yourself.  In which case, below you’ll find a four-step guide on what to do next. 

It may be that you simply have more questions about Christianity.  In which case, at the bottom of this webpage you’ll find some helpful links.  You’ll also find the contact details of someone in our church you can get in touch with and ask your own question.

“How Jesus has changed my life”

Alec’s Story: 

Liv’s Story:


“I want to follow Jesus (be a Christian)”

It’s as simple as ABC:

You may want to become a follower of Jesus yourself.  That’s awesome!  To help you, here are three points you can do now:
Admit - Admit to God that you have ignored Him, living as if He were not there.  The Bible calls this sin.  The first step to becoming a Christian is to repent, which means turning away from your sin.  Saying a short prayer out loud or in your head is a good starting point. 

“God I’m sorry for ignoring you, please forgive my sin”
Believe - Believe that Jesus Christ is God's Son and accept God's gift of forgiveness from sin.  Believing (or having faith in Jesus), is a reasonable decision someone makes based on the evidence and information they have.  Believing in Jesus isn’t blind faith – it’s calculated faith. 

Commit – Commit to live your life following Jesus and getting to know him more. A good starting point is to ask Him to help you by saying another short prayer. 

"Jesus, please help me to follow you with all my strength and show me how to know you better”

Do – I know we said ABC, but there is also a D – Do something – and the thing to do is to speak to someone.  Tell them you have put your faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.  If you know someone who is a Christian already, you can start by telling them.  We’d love to hear from you as well, get in touch using the details below. 


“I’ve still got questions about Jesus”

Perhaps you’re not ready to make a decision to follow Jesus.  Maybe you want to investigate further some of what you’ve been hearing.  Here are some helpful links:

Who Is Jesus? 

~ What is Christianity? 

Is there a way of understanding the story of the Bible? 

But what if you'd like to ask your own questions to someone… perhaps you’d prefer a conversation with someone.  That’s absolutely fine – get in touch with Dave (a friendly church member) who is happy to answer your question of email or face to face at a time to suit you.  Dave Atkinson – 

Interested in joining our youth group?
Interested in joining our 18 – 30s group?